Ubisoft sez: GRAW2 might be broke

Written by Wil Harris

March 29, 2007 | 11:47

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Gamers have been frustrated by random freezes and crashes whilst playing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, and Ubisoft has finally admitted that there could well be a problem with the game that they need to fix.

Posting on the official Ubi boards, Community Manager 'HangtownSOG' suggested that "The devs are aware of the issue and we are asking that you contact our Technical Support department, who is now gathering as much information as possible to find out what's going on. Providing them with info on any issue you may have personally experienced will help us to replicate the problem and find a resolution."

Avid fans of the title have been frustrated by canned responses from the Ubisoft Tech Support desk, which have suggested cleaning discs and rebooting the Xbox. Original!

Problems have manifested both in single player and multiplayer. Some players have been unable to finish the training mission without a crash, whilst others haven't even been able to skip that mission. There are also anecdotal reports that the game could be bricking some consoles, with the red ring of death being reported here and there. Could this be a problem with the minor variations of the console, related to the specific type of DVD drive, perhaps?

We played through GRAW2 for our review and found no problems with the game, so it does apear that the issue is intermittent. However, given that all 360 consoles are the same technology, why would a bug kick off on some and not others? Truly a conundrum.

If you're having problems, hang in there - it seems an answer could be coming. If you're finding no problems at all, we hope you enjoy one of the best console shooters of recent times. Let us know your experiences over in the forums.
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