The best gaming cabinet...ever!

Written by Ryan Garside

December 11, 2006 | 09:18

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With the influx of so many new consoles one of the most practical, yet often ignored, problems is where to actually store them all. Trying to cram a Nintendo Wii, 360 and PS3 underneath your television is nothing short of impossible. Throw in a couple of old-generation consoles and you end up with the wired version of spaghetti junction going on beneath your TV. One gamer has come up with an ingenious solution - a cabinet that fits them all plus their controllers!

The ingenious creation comes via the Flickr album of kriseattle22. It’s one of those pictures that requires very few words, with my only question being, how did the jammy bugger get all of the next generation consoles? I wonder what he would get for eBay’ing the cabinet?

In other news Kotaku is reporting a story about a crazy guy who has got a Call of Duty 3 inspired tattoo. Apparently the guy who got it was so inspired by the intense action of Call of Duty 3 that he just had to have a tattoo made. I’m not really one for tattoos, but surely this guy would have been more inspired by Call of Duty 2 considering it was a better game? Maybe he never played it. Check out the original forum post here (with the back of the box to prove he really did reference it).

For those who hoped this news piece would get less crazy, bad luck. GameJew, the Jewish Nintendo enthusiast renowned for singing songs about Mario and serenading senior Nintendo employees has released his first music video. Words can’t describe how crazy this is, think Joel Veich meets Monty Python, singing about Mario. Check it out here.

Finally, NBC 5 news is reporting that a mother, who bought a refurbished PSP memory card, actually found that it contained lots and lots of pornography. The mother, Sandra Hemm, was quite distressed: "Oh my goodness. I just, my stomach turned, you know. I just was sick. I just couldn't believe they had witnessed that." It is unclear how distressed her son was when she subsequently took the memory stick away.

Enough crazy news for today, give us your impressions over in the forums.
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