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Written by Ryan Garside

August 1, 2006 | 14:38

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For the gamers out there who consider themselves strategists rather than shooters then good news, two great games are shimmering on the horizon – we’ve got the up to date news, screenshots and movies for both Supreme Commander and Roman city builder Caesar IV .

First up Supreme Commander, the game many see as the natural successor to massive hit Total Annihilation, has released a few nice screenshots. They’re not the most exciting pictures in the world but they do show the brilliance of the unique environments that the game will take place within. The game has received masses of positive press primarily because RTS guru Chris Taylor is creating it – preview versions have proved that the game is at least close to living up to its older brother.

Secondly we have Caesar IV. The most popular city builder series for ancient times has released a nice little trailer that gives you a look at the kind of things you’ll be able to get your hands on. Nothing too unexpected here, looks really beautiful (even when compared with recent Roman city builder releases) and demonstrates some of the new features – such as varying weather conditions and improved war options. Here’s a snippet from the Vivendi press release:

“Opening with a sweeping, birds-eye view of a vast urban expanse, the clip showcases quintessential Roman edifices including coliseums, hippodromes and forums. In the marketplace, citizens engage in commerce, while ships loaded with goods roll into the harbour. As the economy develops, so does your city - a feature demonstrated in the trailer with a humble cottage evolving into a full-fledged villa. Developed by Tilted Mill, the latest instalment in the best-selling Caesar franchise is set for release on PC Sept. 26.

In Caesar IV, aspiring emperors start on the road to becoming the next Caesar by governing a province somewhere in the immense Roman Empire. Players plan, build and develop their city, which they must defend from ruthless barbarian attacks while maintaining a strong economy and good relationships with the gods. The citizenry and a group of trusted advisors provide feedback on player performance, helping to develop political suaveness and bringing players ever closer to ruling over the Eternal City.”

Check out the movie over here the colourful screenshots below and let us know your feelings on the two strategic gaming morsels over in the forum.

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