'Sick' game gets dropped

Written by Ryan Garside

November 24, 2006 | 14:00

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We reported last week that Rule of Rose was kicking up a whole storm of controversy with its impending release in Europe. MCV now reports that publisher, 505 Games, has pulled the plug on Rule of Rose – at least for the time being.

It appears that the Video Standards Council (VSC) is pretty upset with the whole kafuffle. MCV quoted Laurie Hall, Secretary General for the VSC, as saying:

"I have no idea where the suggestion of in-game sadomasochism has come from, nor children being buried underground. These are things that have been completely made up.

There isn’t any underage eroticism. And the most violent scene does indeed see one of the young girls scare Jennifer with a rat on a stick. But the rat’s actually quite placid towards her and even licks her face."

The real problem the VSC has is the reports made by The Times and The Daily Mail which had quoted EU justice commissioner Franco Frattini as describing the game as 'obscene'.

The game has been released in other territories so if you're desperate to get your hands on it then there is the possibility of importing. However the reviews so far have been pretty average so I wouldn't worry yourself too much about it.

Is it right to ban sick games? Or has censorship gone mad? Discuss in the forums.
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