There are rumours circulating the internet of a Soul Calibur title coming to the Wii later this year.

IGN Editor, Matt Cassamassina, spoke of the rumours in a recent podcast and mentioned that there is an unnamed title in development on the Wii that "anyone with a brain will be able to figure out."

Matt went on to say that the title used to be a fighting franchise that was released on the GameCube and sold very well, despite being a third party title. The mysterious game will now be updated to the Wii, but won't be a fighting game anymore. Instead he describes is as "some kind of crazy ass adventure game."

Well, that sounds right up our street, even if Matt says; "who the hell knows if it'll be any good."

As Kotaku points out, there weren't exactly boatloads of third party fighters on GameCube . Well known and obvious franchises include Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur however, with most of the rumours leading hopeful fist-flingers to pray for a Soul Calibur sequel.

It won't be the first time the Soul Calibur series has tried something a little more 'adventurey' either as Soul Calibur II included a light adventure campaign called Weapon Master.

Soul Calibur is one of our favourite fighting series' and the second instalment in the franchise saw many of us through several long, beer-fuelled nights at university, so we've got our fingers crossed that the rumours will come true and that the Wii will be blessed with a decently deep 3D fighter.

What's your favourite fighting game of all time and how well do you think the genre will hold up on the Wii? Share your thoughts with us in the forums.
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