Sony responds to animal slaughter accusations

Written by Joe Martin

May 1, 2007 | 11:49

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Sony has issued a formal response regarding its promotion of God of War II in Athens, which involved dead animals and topless women.

The story originally appeared in The Mail on Sunday.

In its response, Sony has confirmed what did and didn't happen. The first thing it wanted to clear up was that only twenty journalists were present, none from the UK or the Daily Mail and none from The Official PlayStation Magazine, who also ran the story.

The goat that was used as the parties centrepiece was also not decapitated at the party, but was purchased from a local butcher and the entrails offered to those in attendance were a traditional Greek soup in disguise.

SCEE has also announced it will be launching an inquiry to "establish the circumstances behind the event in order to ensure this does not happen again. We also apologise to anyone offended by the article in Official PlayStation Magazine."

The full response can be read at games website, Kotaku.

Still, one has to wonder just what reaction Sony was hoping for using topless women and dead goats to advertise a computer game. What ever would Jack Thompson say?

That said, Sony has certainly achieved the press coverage it wanted, but whether it's for better or worse is up to you. Make up your minds and let us know in the forums.
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