SiN episodes already cancelled

Written by Brett Thomas

December 20, 2006 | 17:06

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Companies: #steam #valve

It's been a little while since anyone heard much about SiN. The first episode, Emergence, was heralded as a great start to the concept of episodic gaming - it was a good length for the money, and it left you wanting to see a bit more of the series. Well, too bad on that last part - there won't be any more.

It appears that developer Ritual is having some issues. Staff departures have crippled the studio's current plans, and caused it to cancel the series. The recent leaving of the Studio Director has been the final straw in a series of turnovers including SiN's project manager and QA lead. All in all, the changes have amounted to the end of the line for SiN, killing the first ever true episodic installment video game.

Now, the loss of SiN is not exactly going to throw a shroud of mourning over the entire video game industry. However, it does speak about the perils of episodic content. Those interested in pushing through the game for some level of story arc resolution are now going to be left forever wondering about the fate of the busty bad girl whom they were introduced to for the low price of $20.

Developer issues are far from unheard of, so the cancellation of SiN episodes 2-9 raises an important question: Would you buy a game that was only 11% done for 40% of the price, knowing that it would never be finished?

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