San Andreas to be Investigated by ESRB

Written by Jason Cundall

July 11, 2005 | 12:26

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A Californian politician has essentially shamed the Entertainment Software Ratings Board into investigating alleged x-rated sexual content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Following a verbal lashing from a California state assemblyman, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board said it's launching an investigation into "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" to determine if sexually explicit content is hidden in the game's code.

ESRB president Patricia Vance said her organization has "opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the 'Hot Coffee' modification." "Hot Coffee" refers to the mod which, when installed on a PC with San Andreas on it, unlocks several minigames that prompt players to have the game's hero engage in X-rated acts.

The ESRB's investigation will examine whether the mod unlocks preexisting code, as appears to be the case, or is actually a purely third-party creation. The board's ultimate purpose will be to determine whether Take-Two Interactive Software violated ESRB regulations requiring "full disclosure of pertinent content."

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Wow. Sexual content in a GTA game. Who'd a thunk it? And anyway, doesn't SA carry the highest classification anyway? It does in the UK, where it's got an 18 certificate (The UK equivalent of an NC-17). Besides, this explicit material is only available if the game is modded - so is the game developer at fault, or the mod developer?

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