Quake IV 1.3 patch

Written by Ryan Garside

August 2, 2006 | 11:19

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Developers of Quake 4, iD software, have released the 1.3 patch with features aplenty. The new patch aims to target veteran Quake players whilst bringing in new game modes to attract new fraggers.

The patch, which has been developed in part by Sin Episodes developer Ritual, will include a new weapon fearsomely named ‘Napalm Launcher’ as well as new maps. Even better are the two new game modes called ‘Buy Mode’ and ‘ Deadzone’. Here’s the official description:

“DeadZone is a brand new team-based multiplayer gametype. Players fight over a limited number of DeadZone artifacts, then race to maintain control of a central scoring zone designated by a scrolling white border. Teams can accumulate points when one or more player from their team is in the DeadZone carrying an artifact. If each team has one or more players in the DeadZone with an artifact at the same time, neither team will gain any points during this stalemate situation. When an artifact is depleted, it returns to its initial spawn location and is available for pick-up. If a player is killed while carrying an artifact, it drops in that location and is again available. The first team to reach the scoring limit wins.

In addition to the Deadzone gametype, Quake 4 1.3 adds the server side option named "Buy Mode". "Buy Mode", which can be enabled inside any Quake 4 map, removes weapons, ammo, and armor from the map. You spawn into the map with a pre-set amount of points (1000 by default) with which you can buy weapons, ammo, armor, and health. By default, the letter "b" is bound to make the Buy Menu appear. Once you choose to open the Buy Menu, an entire list of items you are able to buy appears. “

All sounds rather exciting, but if that’s not enough detail for you then check out the Ritualistic and planetQuake articles that describe the patch in more depth.

Despite this upgrade, the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) has made the decision to snub Quake 4 in favour of Quake 3 for their upcoming World Season. The move to ignore Quake 4 has come as a surprise to many in the professional gaming community, with some arguing that the organisations should have waited for this latest patch before making their decision over whether it should be included. Either way, you can grab the patch here and test it out for yourself.

Have you tried the new Quake gaming modes? Let us know what you think of them in the forums.
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