Pre-order Playstation 3 sells out

Written by Ryan Garside

October 11, 2006 | 14:00

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Many moons ago Microsoft exclaimed that their Xbox 360 release would be complicated by shortages due to massive demand. Some publications, such as Joystiq, believed this was all fabricated in the hope that people would all rush out and quickly snaffle up a 360.

Reports are now emerging from the US that claim that Sony's new console, the PS3, has sold out in an afternoon. Gamestop, the largest video games retailer in the US, made this comment: "In some stores they sold out in 10 minutes, in some stores hours, for others it was the afternoon."

However, let's look at the facts. Gamestop has 3,600 stores in the US and each store has a minimum of eight and a maximum of 13 PS3's to sell. Let's say that each store has 11 consoles to give away, now the pre-order figure stands at 39,600 PS3 units sold. This is a figure that falls a long way short of the 400,000 consoles that Sony has promised to deliver on the November 17th launch date.

The bigger question here is why are companies repeatedly claiming that there are shortages which are quite obviously engineered by the companies themselves? Of course, the argument is that this strategy works - this news story is giving mileage to the Sony propaganda wagon free of charge.

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