Playstation 3 delayed till March 2007

Written by Ryan Garside

September 6, 2006 | 11:48

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If the Playstation 3 was at the top of your Christmas list, and you live in Europe, then it looks like you may be chucking it in the bin and writing another letter to Saint Nick. Sony's Ken Kutaragi, head of the global computer entertainment division, has said yesterday the machine will not be ready until 2007 for European release.

The reason for the delay has been attributed to difficulties in producing components for the Blu-Ray drive. The delayed release in Europe won't affect the release date in the United States or Japan, however, stocks will be lower than original estimates. With more demand than supply, expect eBay to go crazy once the new Playstation is released.

Ray Maguire, senior vice president and managing director of Sony UK, said:

"We are extremely disappointed at news of this delay, and can truly empathise with everyone who was looking forward to PS3's imminent release. We will however be working tirelessly to ensure that the March 2007 launch, is the biggest and best in the company's history."

The original plans to ship four million consoles by the end of the year has now been halved to two million. However, that figure is almost certainly inflated and we suspect that Sony will be lucky to get a million units onto the shelves, come the all important Christmas period.

The release date in Japan and the US remains November 11th and 17th respectively, although if the 360 is anything to go by getting a Playstation 3 this Christmas will be near impossible. The markets gains by both Nintendo (providing the Wii doesn't have any problems) and Microsoft will be substantial, especially in the European market.

In other, more positive news for Sony, its new PS3 website was launched this week. The website includes the uncool looking 'This is living' slogan as well as some wierd urban videos that, I suppose, are intended to be adverts. If this is the best Sony can do then at the moment Microsoft and Nintendo will be laughing.

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