PS3 controller battery not replaceable

Written by Brett Thomas

October 19, 2006 | 16:38

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As the specs have drifted out for the PS3, there have been more than a few times where we have shaken our heads. Several of them were followed by exasperated cries of "What were they THINKING?!" Some things were just so simple and yet didn't get done - little oversights that trip up what could be a grand piece of hardware. Well, add another "whoops" to the list - the battery in the controller isn't replaceable.

Does this sound like a silly complaint? Well, we can take a trip through Sony's recent run of battery production to find out if this is an issue - better wear your flame-retardant outfits, though. But even if we leave out the random acts of spontaneous combustion, batteries do just wear out over time. In other systems using wireless controllers, you can just plug in some AA batteries, or a new rechargeable pack (in the case of the XBox 360 you get either option).

For the PS3, if the battery in your controller fails for any reason, you're left with one of two options. If the PS3 is still under warranty, you can send the controller back for 'repairs.' Otherwise, you'll be out to the store to buy a new one. In order to stick with the PS2 controller's look and feel, Sony has sealed its rechargeable battery in the casing - there is no good way to get it out and make a switch.

Of course, switching batteries out won't help much if the controller just catches fire in your hand...

Have you got a thought on the battery issue? Does it not bother you much, or is this another one of those stupid little oversights that should have been caught? Do you think there will be a revision? Let us know your thoughts in our forums.
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