New Splinter Cell title revealed

Written by Joe Martin

May 3, 2007 | 11:58

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Kotaku has uncovered details of the new Splinter Cell game and how it is shaping up to be quite different from previous titles.

For starters the game, called Splinter Cell: Conviction, will be set in broad daylight. It'll still be a stealth game according to sources, but the focus will no longer be on battling terrorists. Rather, in order to help out an old friend, protaganist Sam Fisher will be going rogue and trying to root out corruption within the Third Echelon unit itself.

Sure, Double Agent also had Sam going fugitive but this time developers are planning something a bit more special for the green goggled hero than allegiance-swapping foolery.

As well as the usual set of new and improved acrobatics, players will have to get to grips with using new equipment. In fact, due to Third Echelons intelligence problems, Sam will often be provided with faulty data and the wrong tools for the task.

Still, the fast turn around on this title has many fans worried that the new Splinter Cell could be even more of a disappointment than the PC port of the last game. Conviction will be the fifth game in the series.

So, promising sounding stealth-em-up, or lame cash-in relying on Michael Ironsides deep voice? Let us know what you think in our forums.
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