Midsummer festival hits World of Warcraft

Written by Wil Harris

June 21, 2006 | 15:28

Tags: #azeroth #world-of-warcraft

A Midsummer Fire Festival is taking place in the world of Azeroth, with all the excitement that that entails.

The main home cities in the game now have some new quests that you can attempt associated with the festival, and there are celebratory fires in locations across the game world. Completing the quests will get you some unique items.

The fires have various powers to bestow on your character, including magical and healing benefits. The Festival will run until the 5th of July, so you have until then to log in and get some extra XP.

WoW is still the number one MMORPG, and there's not much lining up to take it on - Take 2 Games, makers of the GTA series, reportedly canned various MMO projects on the basis that nothing they had could take on the Blizzard star performer.

Will you head in and complete the summer quests? Let us know over in the forums.
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