Lucasarts announce new title, Fracture

Written by Joe Martin

May 3, 2007 | 10:41

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Lucasarts has released the first details about its new console shooter, Fracture today.

Planned for release this time next year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Fracture will be set amid a future civil war between the cybernetically enhanced humans and the genetically enhanced humans.

More importantly, it's not a Star Wars title.

The game will also show-off Lucasarts new "terrain deformation features", which will allow players to restructure the battlefield with fancy gee-whiz weaponry.

Not much more has been confirmed beyond this, but we know that the player will take the role of Mason Briggs, a demolition expert for the cybernetically enhanced faction, who'll use weapons like tectonic grenades to win the war in the name of slightly more low-tech justice.

The game will be developed at Day 1 Studios and more details are available at the official website, along with some pretty concept art and screenshots.

Worried that Lucasarts can't do anything other than Star Wars games, or excited by another game promising dynamic terrain? Share your thoughts with us in the forums.
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