Outraged Octogenarian sues over GTA:SA

Written by Jason Cundall

July 28, 2005 | 13:18

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Well, here's the next chapter in the GTA:SA furore, and to be quite honest, it beggers belief. A grandmother that purchased the title (before all the fuss and age category change) for her 14 year old grandson is suing over the hidden sexual content in the game:

A litigious 81-year-old New York granny has zimmered her way gently onto the "bash Grand Theft Auto" bandwagon by filing suit against the game's manufacturer for engaging in "false, misleading and deceptive practices", AP reports.

Florence Cohen says she bought GTA: San Andreas for her 14-year-old grandson "without knowing it contained hidden, sexually explicit scenes" at a time when the controversial game was rated M (Mature), for gamers 17 years and over. Her suit is reported to be "on behalf of consumers nationwide".

More from the Register here.

Right. So lets get this straight, ma'am. You purchased the game with a Mature rating for a minor, a game which contains violence, drug references and allows you to pimp hookers (amongst other things). You then realise your 'mistake', and forbid the child play it. Then when the scandal breaks, and the title has had it's rating changed, you cry wolf and sue, even though the child has not, under your own instructions, played the game?

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