Games to be classified as a sport?

Written by Ryan Garside

August 21, 2006 | 14:19

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A project supported by many of the British companies in competitive gaming hopes to have gaming recognised as a sport by the British government.

The UKEGI (or UK Electronic Gaming Initiative) is comprised of those who work in the management and broadcasting side of professional gaming. Their main aim is to promote gaming to a wider audience, with their first port of call being to the UK Sports Council and Department of Culture. They claim that:

"With many other countries in Europe working along the same lines and several countries around the World already giving this status to gaming it is only natural that we should do the same in the UK.

With gaming being utilised in a variety of areas including education and advanced simulation moving to have it accepted and recognised should be the next step and allow those people that make it their careers to do so without being discriminated against."

With Four Kings, the largest professional gaming outfit in the UK, supporting the movement, it certainly is a serious attempt at pushing eSports into the mainstream. Paul Sulyok, Prize Fight CEO added this:

"What is the definition of 'sport'? What is the definition of competitive videogaming?" I see negligible difference there. The skills possessed by those able to compete at a professional level define such competitors as athletes - and thus their pastime as a sport. The UKEGI are simply working toward mainstream recognition of this fact."

Will the campaign see video games at London 2012 olympics? Only time will tell but while we're waiting why not discuss the project over in the forums.
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