GRAW2 PC beta announced

Written by Brett Thomas

March 26, 2007 | 13:52

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Did you like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, but preferred it on the PC? Yeah, we thought so. And if you did (or still do), you probably have been looking forward to the upcoming sequel. If so, we've got some good news - if June seems to be too far away, Ubisoft is doing a closed beta in April.

Of course, even a closed beta doesn't populate itself, and that's why Ubisoft is going to be taking registrations "soon." You'll find more details coming out on the publisher's website in what we bet will be the next few days. After all, there's not that much time between now and April. In the meantime, you'll just have to get your fix on the console versions, which are already out.

The beta is, of course, a PC-only affair, though there may be reasons for you console lovers to wish that weren't the case. Apparently, the lucky players will be shooting it out in the new Calavera map, in the new Recon vs. Assault mode.

This new gameplay will put Ghost teams using covert tactics to try and pierce through the Mexican rebels and reach an objective. The rebels aren't quite so technically advanced, so they survive by using out-and-out brute force. It sounds like hide-and-seek with live ammo...also known as a whole lot of fun.

The map will remain PC-exclusive after the release in June, though it would be nice if new gameplay method might make its way into the XBox 360 version via a Live patch. For those who miss the simple shoot-em-up, don't worry - the other multiplayer modes in the 360 version also make their way to the PC.

It's nice to hear that Ubisoft is working so hard to make the PC version not just be a direct port of the 360. By the sound of it the devs are spending some considerable time to make sure that happens. This game would be a great one for the "Windows Live" crossover experience, but we'll see whether that actually gets implemented in the PC version.

Would you be interested in trying out the new gameplay? Does it sound fun to you, or does it sound like the devs are running out of unique ideas? Tell us your thoughts in our forums.

Writer's note - I apologize for the confusion, the earlier story had some writing errors making it seem like the game was totally unreleased. It is the gameplay mode and map that have so far remained unreleased.
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