Dead Rising to become franchise

Written by Ryan Garside

January 11, 2007 | 10:51

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Dead Rising has officially been a huge success, after details emerged on Gamesindustry that sales have topped one million copies worldwide. Capcom now plans to turn the zombie-kill-em-up into a full on franchise.

Mark Beaumont, executive Vice President and head of consumer software for Capcom told Gamesindustry:

"When you're at the front-end of a hardware cycle, people are willing to take more of an experiment in what games they'll try. Bringing out Dead Rising has allowed us to establish a new franchise that we can use for years to come."

For those of you who haven’t played Dead Rising on the 360 allow me to explain briefly the concept. Zombies have taken over an American shopping mall and you, as a budding photo-journalist, are planning to get the scoop of a lifetime. The game allows you to make use of virtually anything to kill the zombies and is comparable to a game like GTA, in the freedom it gives the gamer to tackle the 72 hours between the drop off and pick up from your helicopter.

The concept for Dead Rising would work brilliantly in tons of scenarios. How about an airport? Or perhaps a fun fair? Heck, why not go the whole hog and just recreate an entire city and fill it with zombies? That would be one ‘hell’ of a game…

In other console related news Techreport has spotted a post made by Gears of War head honcho Mark Rein in which he denies that there is any new information regarding the Gears of War PC game. The original forum post is here and the gist is below:

“There’s nothing to announce at this time. We’ve said all along that, at some point in the future, we could adapt Gears of Wars for PC. Based on past experience we’ve learned that it takes approximately 5 years for an OS to fully take hold among the gaming population. So unless it takes us 5 years to bring Gears of War to Windows, we certainly expect to keep supporting Windows XP users. For now however Gears is available exclusively on Xbox360 and we’re still working on improvements and enhancements to it.”

So no sign of Gears of War on the PC just yet. Come on Rein, pull your finger out. If you’ve already got the game on the 360 then you might also be pleased to know that two new multiplayer maps have been release, they are called: Raven Down and Old Bones.

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