Counter-Strike Source gets a new radar

Written by Ryan Garside

August 14, 2006 | 12:14

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The long running online FPS, Counter-Strike, will undergo a few key changes in the not so distant future. Valve has recently announced a few bug fixes, some graphical additions to underplayed map Train as well as an upheaval of the current radar system.

Here's the official word on the changes:

The first update will include an updated version of the map Train, which will feature an HDR lighting pass, some minor layout changes, and a number of small bug fixes.

The second facet of this release will be a completely reworked radar system. There will be a significant change to the aesthetics of the radar, but there are also some fairly significant gameplay ramifications to the new system. One example: when you look directly at an enemy for a long enough time for their name to appear on your screen, everyone on your team will be able to see that enemy in the radar. We're planning on releasing this first update in about two weeks.

The vociferous community that populates the Steam forums will no doubt lambast Valve for the changes to their precious game. With something as big as this they may actually be justified in doing so; with tactics in both public and match play probably changing significantly. However, don't be too put off by the outcries of anguished CS veterans – fans of the series are prone to knee jerk reactions with regards to change, in reality most of the updates Valve makes have only served to make the series more popular.

The implications of such a change could be far reaching; perhaps gaming sessions in CS will become slower affairs with players hiding more, worried about being marked up on their opponents' radar. Or perhaps this will make for intriguing strategic gaming – with clans employing spotter players whose task is to try and mark out where the opposition players are. Either way it will certainly be interesting.

Angered by the changes? Or looking forward to evolving your own style of play? Let us know your thoughts on the CS updates over in the forums.
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