CPL to make pro-game: Severity

Written by Ryan Garside

December 19, 2006 | 10:07

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The CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) has recently announced that it will be designing its own game, called Severity, for use in future online tournaments.

The American organisation, which has played host to some of the largest pro-gaming tournaments in history, has chosen to make a new multiplayer game for both consoles and PC tournaments. Severity will incorporate one-versus-one as well as team based games. Tom Mustaine, Director of Game Development at the CPL’s new studio, explained on the CPL site the reason for the game:

“Severity will be the first videogame conceived from the ground up to ensure the growth and appeal of multiplayer game competitions worldwide.”

Firingsquad has since got some more information on the project over on their site. According to them the game development studio is based at the CPL headquarters in Dallas and currently consists of 10 members - a number set to expand to 20 once production hits full speed.

Other information about the game remains thin on the ground. It will be based on a vamped up Quake 3 engine and will be designed to run on older PCs, with the promise of plenty of scalable graphical options for those with faster machines.

There will also be lots of emphasis on improving the spectator's experience whilst watching a game. Mustaine wants to create a viewing experience not dissimilar to the recent success of televised poker, fuelled by on screen statistics and interesting commentators.

Whether this will really work is still up in the air. With plans to not release the game by 2008 serious question marks exist over the use of the Quake 3 engine. Considering it was originally developed in 1999, will a game based on that engine be able to compare with DirectX 10 games? Hell, by then we could be on DirectX 11!

In other Quake related games news, Kotaku reports that QuakeCon 07 has been announced. QuakeCon is one of the longest running LANs out there and will take place August 2-5 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. As is usual with QuakeCon, attendance to the event is completely free of charge.

What are your thoughts on Severity? Will you be making the pilgrimage to QuakeCon? Let us know in the forums.
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