BF 2142 servers struggling

Written by Ryan Garside

October 24, 2006 | 15:23

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The saga of problems surrounding Battlefield 2142 has worsened today with people struggling to log into the master servers, having their inboxes spammed and, for the few fortunate enough to actually log in, losing all of their rank and score data.

I've unfortunately spent the best part of this morning attempting to register an account for Battlefield 2142. You see, the game won't allow you to play in offline mode if you haven't already registered online. The first trouble was the fact that the servers wouldn't accept any of the names I entered unless I inputted a random combination of letters and numbers. Apparently somebody has already registered the account name: Rgarsidebittech – I know it's one of you so you better own up!

Finally, by entering in the name 'qaz1qaz1' I was able to get into the screen where you input your user details. Despite filling out all the details including, bizarrely, my post code, I thought my troubles were over. Then another error message pops up saying that the game couldn't contact the master servers.

I quickly logged out and went to take a look around. That was when I noticed my email inbox, over a 100 new emails all from EA. 'What the hell!' I thought, as I scrolled through the same email over and over again, annoyingly welcoming me to a game I can't actually get into.

Bemused by these problems, I visited the EA BF 2142 official forums. I quickly found that I wasn't the only one suffering from this problem. Hordes of people were complaining about not being able to log on and that their inboxes had filled up.

The rabbit hole went deeper. Many others were complaining about problems regarding the EA downloader and how it hadn't installed the patch already (yes – there has been a patch already). Others complained that all their stats have been lost – an annoyance probably amplified for those gamers who have spent most of this first weekend playing the game.

So it looks like EA has got itself into a bit of a kafuffle with the release of Battlefield 2142. Hopefully these are only teething problems and by the time our review comes out next week these will all be fixed. I did manage to log onto the servers after a few hours of trying but my understanding is a few others are still struggling.

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