BF2142 patch needs uninstall of critical updates

Written by Brett Thomas

October 19, 2006 | 17:39

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Electronic Arts is a company that sadly gets a target on it just about every time it releases a game. Battlefield 2142 has been no exception, particularly with all the fuss about in-game advertisements and spyware. Never willing to be just a one-trick pony, though, EA went and outdid themselves with this one - if you patch the game, there's a good chance you have to uninstall a critical security update to Windows.

Yep. Somehow, the game's patch interferes with the security update KB917422. The following was in the Readme for the patch:

"Players who have the Windows security update KB917422 installed may suffer from an application error when running Battlefield 2142. This error can be solved by uninstalling the KB917422 update."

Of course, KB917422 is just a silly little windows update. It's nothing more than a kernel patch to keep your system safe from hackers. No big deal, right? After all...if it was a big issue, Microsoft probably would have required it to be a critical update or something. Oh, was!

Personally, I'm a little confused as to how a game patch suddenly has issues with an update designed to protect the kernel. In the meantime, I don't consider it a wise thing to recommend the uninstallation of a critical security update just to funciton with EA's latest patch job. However, for those of you who have been having a bit of trouble getting the game to work, now you know that you can just make your computer a little more hacker-friendly instead and it will run fine.

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