All captains aboard for Star Trek Legacy work

Written by Wil Harris

August 16, 2006 | 10:13

Tags: #legacy #star-trek #stewart #xbox-360

On Monday, we reported that legendary Star Trek thesp William Shatner had agreed to voice his character in new Trek game, Legacy (more on that here).

Well, there's now more good news that will make Trek fans get positively salivating. All four other captains have signed up to play their characters too. That means:
  • Kate Mulgrew - Janeway, Voyager
  • Avery Brooks - Sisko, Deep Space 9
  • Scott Bakula - Archer, Enterprise
  • Patrick Stewart - Picard, Next Generation
How frickin' awesome is that going to be?!

The game is due out in the autumn of this year for PC and Xbox 360. Are you looking forward to boldly going where no Trek gamer has gone before? Give us the tactical report over in the forums.
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