64 percent of gamers gave up on Wii Fit

Written by Joe Martin

July 4, 2008 | 11:38

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Wii Fit made a pretty big impact when it launched earlier this year and has certainly helped generate an awful lot more publicity and sales for Nintendo's diminutive console, but the real question on many peoples minds is "Will it really help me get thin?"

The answer is, of course, yes - provided you use it regularly. It's that last little clause which seems to be the problem for most people though as a recent Japanese poll showed that a huge 64 percent of gamers who bought the game gave up on it almost immediately.

In Japan Wii Fit has been around for a little bit longer than in the rest of the world and launched at the end of last year. Japanese website IT Media though wanted to know just how many people were still gaming on regularly on the balance board.

What they found was both disappointing and unsurprising - 64 percent of people stopped using Wii Fit almost immediately after buying it. Only 22 percent of people used the game everyday and faithfully recorded their progress, while the remaining 12 percent were equally split between weekly use and playing every two or three days.

It isn't all that surprising when you get down to it - even we'd have to admit that we guiltily fall into that 64 percent really - but it's interesting to question whether it's a fault of the game design, or just a failing of the customer. Which do you think? Do you have an exercise plan of your own? Let us know in the forums.
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