3D Realms not pleased with Max Payne movie

Written by Joe Martin

October 21, 2008 | 13:23

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Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms and the producer behind both of the Max Payne games, has added his voice to those displeased with the movie adaptation of the game starring Mark Wahlberg.

The first Max Payne was released in 2001 and tells the story of an undercover cop whose family was murdered and who is made the victim of corruption in the police force and forced to go on the run.

The movie however has changed certain elements of the plot - and not for the better according to Scott Miller.

"There are several fundamental story flaws ... in the film that have me shaking my head in bewilderment," Miller told Edge.

"A big problem with the film is that we do not really know what is driving Max until we see the flashback scene showing him coming home and finding his family murdered. In the game, we put this scene right at the front of the story for a reason!

"Saving this scene until mid-film is a narrative blunder, because the audience needs to empathize with Max in order to like him and understand what drives him."

Miller added that he could go on and on about the issues he had with the film, which included the way that some characters are changed or marginalised in the adapted plot.

The film has also drawn some negative previews from critics, but that hasn't stopped it hitting the top of the American box office over the weekend and pulling in over $18 million. Have you had a chance to see it yet? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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