360 & PS3 have equal power?

Written by Ryan Garside

November 1, 2006 | 10:58

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Dennis Dyak, President of Silicon Knights (the development company for upcoming 360 game Too Human) recently conducted an interview with the San Jose Mercury in which he claimed that:

"The 360 and the PS 3 are equal in power in my eyes. Maybe the PS 3 has more processing power. The 360 has more available memory. It's pretty much a net, net. The public perception of the PS 3 was that it was much more powerful. To developers, they look even."

Quite a shocking revelation; many gamers were expecting the PS3 to dwarf the capacities of the 360 however the indication now is that this won't be the case. We won't really be able to judge until we get our hands on both consoles and can compare them side by side.

The interview also had some other interesting comments: staff sizes for development studios have almost tripled with next-gen games and Dayak said costs are edging closer to "small budget movies". He also made this comment on high-definition gaming:

"It is questionable if there is a difference between 1080P and 720P. All of our games are likely to be 720P because of the faster refresh rates. There are all kinds of trade-offs. It takes a lot more RAM to do 1080P. You'll reserve RAM for the textures. 720P is just less pixels. There is definitely a huge difference from 720P and analog."

He also said he was glad that E3 was over, claiming it distracted developers. The big question however was who would win the next console war. Dyak's bum will be full of splinters as he sat firmly on the fence:

"It's a tough one. Microsoft is looking really good. Everyone is looking pretty good. At the beginning, everyone thought Sony would walk away with it. We won't know for sure for two years."

Will the PS3 be more powerful? Predictions in the forum please.
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