2006 could be the year of Rome for gamers

Written by Ryan Garside

April 14, 2006 | 15:10

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For all who fancy themselves as budding Emperors, interesting news has surfaced recently. Firstly, there's a new interview with the developers of the upcoming Civcity: Rome game and secondly, the release of a rather nice website for upcoming rival city builder Glory of the Roman Empire

UK-based developer Firefly are currently collaborating with Firaxis on the Civcity: Rome game, which will be a city builder in the same style as the massively popular Civilization games. Some interesting features are discussed in the interview, which you can check out here, most notably the ability to go inside every building that you create in the city. Other features offer few surprises: constructing armies and trade infrastructure, and of course no Civilization game would be complete without the technology time-line. With over 70 different technologies to choose from there will be plenty of opportunity to personalise your Roman city.

The second piece of news is from CDV who have released the website for their own upcoming Roman city builder, Glory of the Roman Empire. The site has taken on a unique design, allowing you to search through a Roman city and assess the features that will presumably be included in the game, such as the type of resources you can use, entertainment options (such as arenas and theatres) and of course the obligatory military aspect. The game is set for a June release, but if you can't wait that long for your dose of sandals and standards, check out the videos here.

But wait, that's not all!

The news doesn't end there for Roman gamers. If you love Rome: Total War, another expansion pack is due out soon focused around Alexander's Macedonian-conquering army. The game will be released via digital distribution a la Steam, but has no definite release date as yet – expect it sooner rather than later though, as Medieval Total War 2 is already well into development.

Lastly, why not check out Ceasar IV, the upcoming sequel to the most popular of all Roman city builders? The release date is now confirmed as Autumn of this year and early indications are that it is shaping up to be as good as its older brothers.

Enjoy playing Roman based games or are you sick of city-builders popping up everywhere? Let us know in the forums. Et tu, bit-tech.
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