1,000+ PS2 titles to work on EU PS3

Written by Tim Smalley

March 2, 2007 | 11:26

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Sony's Phil Harrison has said that he expects over 1,000 PlayStation 2 titles to work on the European PlayStation 3 through software emulation.

When Harrison was questioned about which of the ~1,500 PS2 titles would work on PS2, he said that he couldn't give information on individual titles, but the aim would be to cover all of the big PS2 titles.

This whole debacle has come about because of Sony's announcement detailing the hardware specifications for the European PS3. One thing missing from the list of specifications was the Emotion Engine, which is currently used to 'emulate' PS2 games (it's the PS2 graphics chip, so it's hardly a complete emulation).

This was done in a bid to cut costs. What the company forgot though, is the fact that European customers have to pay a £125 price premium for a product with fewer features. To rub more salt into the wound, Harrison now claims that the Emotion Engine inside US and Japanese PlayStation 3s is a 'custom component'.

Having over 1,000 PS2 games supposedly working on PS3 without the Emotion Engine is great, but when the company used PS3's "awesome backwards compatibility" as a piece of PR against Microsoft's Xbox 360, you can't help but feel a little cheated when you're only going to get around two thirds of the promised backwards compatibility. The other thing that he hasn't detailed is whether or not this so-called 'custom component' is going to be removed from the US and Japanese units.

When is Sony going to stop pissing all over its European customers? Place your bets in the forums.
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