Galileo sat-nav contest gets underway

April 26, 2010 | 11:48

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An industry group is attempting to drum up interest in the European Galileo satellite positioning system with a contest featuring £435,000 in prizes.

As reported over on, the 2010 European Satellite Navigation Competition looks to kick-start commercial exploitation of the Galileo system and has a large prize pot to get businesses interested.

For UK businesses, a winning idea will see them net £10,000 plus aid in developing their proposal into a European patent - allowing them a head-start in exploiting the new satellite position system across the European Community. Winners from each country participating in the contest will also be entered for the Galileo Masters Prize, which promises an additional £17,000 to the business with the best idea.

The Galileo system was designed as a complementary global positioning satellite network to be used in addition to the current GPS network developed and maintained by the United States - but, importantly, to be out of the control of the US. By implementing a European-controlled series of satellites, not only can the overall accuracy and reliability of satellite navigation systems be improved, but in the event that the US - for whatever reason - shuts the GPS network down, the Galileo system will continue to operate.

Although the contest is mainly open to businesses with a commercially viable idea, there's nothing to stop individuals with a bright notion as to how the Galileo system can be best put to use from entering too: if you're interested in a stab at the prize money, details are available over on the official website.

Do you think that the Galileo system is important for Europe, or should we be saving the money and just using the US GPS system instead? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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