FTC: "Net neutrality is no big deal"

Written by Brett Thomas

June 29, 2007 | 16:25

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We all know that the internet is a series of interconnected tubes (properly referred to as "tooooobes") filled with big trucks that were shrunk down by a really cool machine after getting loaded with data. These tubes apparently get clogged from time to time. Fortunately, in an effort to really help big corporations and "pay to play" tactics, the FTC released their statement on the issue this week: Net neutrality is no big deal.

If the tubes are clogged, you should just pay more and they will make everyone else's tubes more clogged to give you bigger ones. At least, that's the FTC's take on it all. According to the statement released by the Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras, congress should "proceed with caution" in regard to net neutrality, stating that she feels internet providers charging too much for bandwidth is an unlikely concern.

Though she did not go so far as to say that providers won't do such a thing, Majoras stated that if these problems did arise then they would be better handled under the (very slow-moving) anti-trust laws. Until such time as service providers begin to illustrate “market failure or demonstrated consumer harm, policy makers should be particularly hesitant to enact new regulation in this area.”"

Such statements are a huge victory for service providers like AT&T and Comcast Cable in the US, which want to charge more money to stream higher-bandwidth content like videos. This price would be levied on the host's end, not on the consumer - which would cause a split between the "haves" and "have nots" of site content. Currently, hosting is done simply on the amount of data exchanged, and no speed preference is given for one type of content or another.

Do you have a thought on the issue of net neutrality? Are you one who believes higher bandwidth sites should pay more? Join the community discussion here.
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