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Written by Wil Harris

October 9, 2005 | 14:54

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The bit-tech forums are always a hotbed of discussion, whether on serious topics or rather more frivolous ones. If you've got 10 minutes to spare this afternoon, why not check out some of the cool stuff happening? The forums index is over at, or you can check out the following, specially prepared threads...

We took an initial look at the technology behind the Brightside HDR display last week, and the technology has generated some good discussion. For further questions and answers about what might just be the next iteration of flat-screen display technology, check out this thread.

The demo for Call of Duty 2 was out this week, and many of the forum regulars have been playing through it and offering their opinions on how the gameplay fares. Regular contributor mookboy notes that "It's unreal how easy it is. For some odd reason now you have a Masterchief like ability to absorb near fatal damage, and then be able to "heal" again by simply hiding in a corner for a few moments. Tre odd." Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on the demo here.

If modding is your thing, take a look at Project Necrocomnicon in the Project Logs forum - the thread is here. Based on a Lian-Li chassis, it doesn't look very Lovecraft-esque, but it does have some cool watercooling work, nonetheless.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to ban the sale of violent video games to children. While most games like Grand Theft Auto carry 'Mature' certificates, these are technically not legally enforceable. The Governator wants certificates to be made compulsory, akin to video rental certificates. This would bring California in line with Britain, where GTA, for example, carries a compulsory, legally-regulated '18' certificate. Is Arnie going too far, or is the move simply common sense? Give us your thoughts!

Is that iPod nano of yours already starting to get horrendously scratched? Can't afford a fancy case for it after splashing all that dosh on it in the first place? Make one yourself, here.

Lastly, on a slightly less serious note... do you have something you need to get off your chest? Did you cheat on an exam, or your significant other? Have you ever chewed through speaker cable, thinking it was spaghetti? Cleanse yourself of your past indiscretions over in the Confessions thread.
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