Firefox market share rises

January 30, 2008 | 07:32

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Open-source browser Firefox is continuing to gain market share according to figures published by XiTi Monitor yesterday.

In the latest results of the company's regular survey into Internet habits worldwide, XiTi Monitor has reckoned Firefox's market share in Europe to be around the 28 percent mark, up from 20 percent just two years ago.

According to the survey, Firefox seems to be most popular in Finland with almost 46 percent of all web browsing done via the burny vulpine. Slovenia and Poland are also fans of the open-source project, with market shares of 44.6 and 42.4 percent respectively.

We here in the UK are currently letting the side down, with just 17.2 percent of us choosing to use Firefox. Our neighbours in Ireland are doing quite a bit better, at 29.6 percent market share. In fact, the only European countries who use Firefox less than us are Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer needn't worry, though: according to the survey the browser, which ships by default with all Microsoft operating systems, leads the way at an impressive 66.1 percent market share throughout Europe. Whether this shows a fondness for the browser or just apathy on the part of PC owners isn't immediately obvious.

Other browsers also made a brave showing, with Opera accounting for 3.3 percent of European browsing. Apple's Safari trails with 2 percent, and poor old Netscape – remember that? - is still battling ever onward with a frankly pitiful half a percent. All together now: aww.

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