Everything over IP

Written by Wil Harris

March 7, 2006 | 19:13

Tags: #core #iptv #skype #voip #xml

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Intel's manager in the Enterprise segment is Pat Gelsinger, an IDF stalwart. This morning, he told us how he believed IP would continue to dominate the communications battle, and that Intel was working with the industry to start launching new services and products over IP.

Amusingly calling Wikipedia "The fountain of all knowledge", he referenced an article indexed there called: "How IP kills and eats competitive networks." He said that IP would be the platform of the future, since it had faced competition from any number of other protocols and seen them all off.

Gelsinger highlighted new IP services such as Microsoft Office Live, Skype (with whom Intel recently inked a collaboration deal), Writely and Google Maps as forerunners of the new era of IP dominance. He also said the IPTV and VoIP were going to be key elements of Intel strategy over the next years.

He also delivered an interesting statistic: that XML traffic will exceed any other type of web traffic in 2007, thanks to its pivotal role at the centre of a new generation of web services.

Pat also called the new Core micro-architecture the biggest leap in processor technology since out-of-order execution, a technique that he personally pioneered developing the Pentium 2.

He also showed off a cool new feature of Intel's Enterprise platforms, called Circuit Breaker Technology. If a machine connected to a network becomes infected with a virus or worm, Circuit Breaker - which runs on the client machine - disconnects itself from the network and isolates itself to prevent the further spread of the virus. It does this by pattern matching the behaviour of the current system to known modus operandi of viruses and worms.

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