Episode III digital projection reviewed

Written by Wil Harris

May 16, 2005 | 11:07

Tags: #1080p #digital #episode-3 #projection #star-wars

For those of us not lucky enough to be able to see Star Wars Episode III in high definition digital projection, ExtremeTech has a quick writeup on just how stunning the new technology is.

The latest in the Star Wars Saga has been released at 1080p resolution (that's 2048x1080 in pixels) which is plenty big enough for a cinema-sized display. It's also the best of the high-definition picture formats that will be available on the next-generation of DVDs, which will finally lead to a cinema-standard picture in your own home.

The previous two Star Wars movies have been released in 720p, and ExtremeTech suggest that this leads to some noticeable aliasing artifacts. Not so with 1080p, which, apparently, is stunning. Cinema-class projectors can recreate 35 trillion colours, which should be just about enough for even a special effects extravaganza like Star Wars. Especially considering the likelihood of having a CGI workstation that could render that many colours.

If you want to check out Episode III in digital projection, you can find a cinema near you in the US here, or if you're in the UK, here, courtesy of TheForce.net.

You can read the full account of digital projection over at ExtremeTech.
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