CSS is a security flaw in IE, claim

Written by Wil Harris

December 6, 2005 | 12:03

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MrWillyWonka writes:

Matan Gilion, an Israeli computer security expert, has written an article on security risks of using Google desktop with Microsoft Internet Explorer, claiming there is a security hole with the way IE uses CSS.

According to Gilion, this can only be fixed with a patch from Microsoft, which is yet to be forthcoming.

"Microsoft said it is not aware of malicious code that seeks to exploit the CSS flaw," Gilion says.

As Microsoft is a well known rival of Google, are they actually doing their best, if anything, to solve the compatibility problem?

As a lot of people with experience of computers use Firefox, so this isn't an issue for them, but for novice computer users who most likely use IE as their default browser, this could be a big problem going forward.

You can read the full article here over on Gilion's website here.

There's also more on this from TechNewsWorld. Do you use Google toolbar? More to the point, do you still use IE? Tell us over in the forum.
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