CoolerMaster introduces cunningly compact Quick Fire TK Stealth keyboard

Written by Edward Chester

November 19, 2013 | 18:21

Tags: #keyboard #quick-fire #tk-stealth

Companies: #coolermaster

CoolerMaster has unveiled an intriguing new addition to its mechanical-switch gaming keyboard range in the form of the CoolerMaster Quick Fire TK Stealth keyboard.

The keyboard's most obvious features are its side-printed keys, which leave the tops of the keys completely black. CoolerMaster points out this has more than just aesthetic benefits as it also means the labels aren't worn away by your fingers.

Next up is something we've not yet tried before, which is CoolerMaster's TK key layout. At first it looks like a standard tenkeyless design but in actual fact instead of dropping the numkey section, the cursor keys and Insert/Delete/Home/etc keys have been chopped out and incorporated into the numkey section. The result is a compact keyboard but without any loss of functionality. At least in theory; what it's like to use is something we can't yet comment on.

The rest of the keyboard's features are more familiar, with the keys using a choice of Cherry MX switches (red, brown and blue) and allowing for complete N-key rollover. The Windows key can also be disabled and the USB cable can be detached/replaced. One obvious missing feature, however, is backlighting, with only the cursor keys and certain function keys incorporating LEDs.

The CoolerMaster Quick Fire TK Stealth will be available in the UK in mid December for £84.99, with the initial batch all using Brown switches, while those willing to get a US version can pick them up via the EU website, for $94.95 euros.
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