Check out the bit-tech Podcast Alpha 0.1a OMGZ

Written by Wil Harris

December 22, 2006 | 10:58

Tags: #podcast

Companies: #bit-tech

So, what with the 'new media' revolution and 'web 2.0' taking over the world, we decided here at bit-tech HQ that it was about time we started a podcast.

We've been playing around with formats and some ideas, and we look forward to starting a regular weekly release schedule straight in the new year (although possibly once we've recovered from the debauchery of CES).

In anticipation of this, we've bought a whole bunch of audio equipment - a nice mixing desk with firewire and some mics, and have slapped the rest of the office into being quiet once a week so we can actually get some recording done.

Well, when we sat down to discuss our nominations and winners of the bit-tech 2006 awards this week, we realised that we could take the opportunity to do a trial recording and see how things came out.

So, if you've ever wondered what it sounds like when me, Tim and Ryan sit down and argue about the best stuff we've seen this year, you can Right-Click-Save-As this file and check it out in your MP3 playback device of choice.

bit-tech Podcast Alpha 0.1a OMGZ

It's an hour long, so dig in.

Let us know what you think over in this forum thread, and look out for our Awards Article next week.
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