bit-tech plays Space Alert

Written by Clive Webster

December 27, 2010 | 09:45

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Mission 2

Captain Butler’s five-year mission starts today. Good luck, Captain (you’ll need it).

Captain’s Log: Mission 2

Captain Butler With our fifth crewman replaced by a mindless automaton, we emerged from hyperspace and were immediately attacked. A hostile threat to zone blue would require damage from the pulse cannon to begin taking damage, so I moved Comms Officer Clive to the reactor to man the guns there. Meanwhile, Paul was moved to the right flank to engage this first threat.

*bit-tech plays Space Alert Space Alert Mission 2 *bit-tech plays Space Alert Space Alert Mission 2
Captain Butler takes charge of proceedings.

The second threat arrived and I tasked robot Ben to disable it: firing twice should destroy the enemy gunship bearing down on us. The third threat was by far the most dire, boasting heavy shields unless under pulse cannon fire. I therefore had to co-ordinate Clive’s attacks with those of myself and Joe on the left flank, which would hopefully destroy this most dangerous hostile.

With my orders given, I now wait to see whether my dice will come up showings 6s or snake eyes.

*bit-tech plays Space Alert Space Alert Mission 2 *bit-tech plays Space Alert Space Alert Mission 2
Each player has ten of the cards on the left, which can be played either way up
to show that the player is moving or pressing a button.

Mission 2 Report

Observation Drone Sigma-8 reports:
The threats were all destroyed, and some without even having an opportunity to fire upon the good ship Sitting Duck. Only minimal damage was suffered, and the crew was drilled and calm under pressure.

*bit-tech plays Space Alert Space Alert Mission 2 *bit-tech plays Space Alert Space Alert Mission 2
At one point the Magic Fish drew more attention, before Captain Butler
rallied the troops and got us focused again.

Captain’s Debrief

Captain Butler My careful planning and allocation of assets paid off; all the enemies were destroyed and we suffered minimal damage. In the end, I had to simply ask my crew members to be quiet and allow me to think through the scenario, spotting potential flaws and threats. Even then, I still had one crew man going up and down a lift and running into walls (Android Ben), and another firing lasers that had no energy. Clearly, this is a command that requires a great deal of concentration. Also, we need velure uniforms.

Star Base Report

Captain Butler acquitted himself admirably, and the crew were drilled and disciplined. This meant that the mission went far too smoothly - there were none of the creative excuses and larking around that characterised Captain Paul's reign.
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