Bit-tech adds new podcast features

Written by Alex Watson

September 4, 2009 | 17:14

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So far, our good intentions with regards to series 3 of the podcast have held true – we’ve been recording and releasing new episodes on regular basis, and we’ve also been experimenting with releasing specific hardware and gaming podcasts on alternate weeks.

As the podcast has its genesis in the Custom PC podcast, up until now it’s actually been the old Custom PC site that’s been powering our pods. Jamie, bit-tech’s developer has recently upgraded the site, and now bit-tech itself will run the podcasts. If you’re a current podcast subscriber, either through RSS or iTunes, you won’t notice any changes though.

Change is in the air here on the site though, as it’s the bit-tech blog that’s now powering the podcast, which means if you check out the blog page, you’ll now see a podcast tab at the top which gives you the ability to look at all the podcasts we’ve done.

As the podcasts are now tagged, you can also find listening material by just clicking on interesting subjects on the tag cloud, such as GeForce, AMD and DRM. Using tags, you can also easily find hardware podcasts and our gaming podcasts.

We’ve also imported all the old Custom PC podcasts from March 2007 to January 2009 in order to archive them for posterity, and there’s plenty of fun to be had reliving big moments in hardware from the past few years – from the arrival of Core i7, which was so fast James actually burst into the studio to tell us about it, the controversial PCs versus Consoles special (where we nearly decided the Dreamcast was the best of all of them), to the one where everyone was in hysterics over a firm called Wangtec and finally, the episode where over an hour of talk was recorded, and less than twenty minutes was actually suitable for broadcast owing to some disagreements over what’s legal to say on the air.

Be warned however that some of the early podcasts are, when it comes to audio quality, a bit on the Guided by Voices side of things. Looking forward to more podcasts? Are you only interested in gaming or hardware podcasts or are you going to listen to both? Let us know your thoughts in the forums!
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