Apple and Blackberry getting together?

Written by Wil Harris

June 6, 2006 | 10:20

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The net is awash with rumours that Apple and RIM are working together on an 'AppleBerry'. No, it's not a new type of juice drink - it could well be a phone that combines the email functionality of the Blackberry with the looks and interface of Apple's iPod.

Apple has been long rumoured to be making a PDA, but that market is now almost dead, thanks to the massive popularity of smartphones. Windows Mobile devices currently account for most new high-end smartphone sales, with Palm still holding a chunk with its Treo range.

The Blackberry, however, is in a niche of its own, thanks to its pioneering 'push' email functionality and the trademark thumboard and scroll wheel. A device with that featureset and Apple's legendary industrial design could well be a massive hit.

So far, nobody has confirmed the rumours - both companies are notoriously secretive. However, the prospect is perhaps enough to keep those due an upgrade on their cellphone waiting for just a little bit, to see if it pans out.

New Blackberry devices use Intel's portable processors, and speculation is that the chip giant pulled its two buddies together for a collaboration.

Of course, the one sticking point to the rumour appears to be the lack of a common purpose between the two companies. Apple is consumer-centric, whilst RIM has been very firm about not diluting its business clientele. Blackberries lack cameras and Bluetooth file sharing, both features RIM has said its business users do not want.

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