AMD excited about competing with 'Goliath'

Written by Antony Leather

April 11, 2011 | 11:25

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AMD has shrugged off the threat of Intel's latest Sandy Bridge architecture, saying that it's still excited about competing with Intel.

The company's VP of worldwide channel marketing, David Kenyon, referred to AMD's arch rival as 'Goliath' in a light-hearted blog. According to Kenyon, the battle between the two companies, which has lasted for decades, has always benefited consumers the most.

In fact, Kenyon argues that AMD has forced Intel to pick up the pace in a number of areas. 'Without AMD, how fast would Intel have gone on to introduce new products?' he asks. 'Where would prices be? I realized something important: I’m excited about competing with Goliath. I’ve been doing it for so long – in different industries and markets – it’s something I’ve come to truly enjoy.'

AMD has beaten Intel to a number of industry firsts in the past, including the first 1GHz CPU, as well as the first desktop processors with 64-bit instructions and integrated memory controllers. According to Kenyon, the company's Fusion architecture could achieve the same feat again.

He describes the impact of the Fusion architecture as 'a fundamental departure from the world of chips dominated by CPU performance benchmarks,' adding that 'the status quo has once again shifted and we are all about to see how much better the world gets for our consumers.'

AMD's Fusion chips combine CPU and GPU elements into a single architecture to create what AMD calls an APU, or Accelerated Processing Unit. We've already seen AMD's low-power Fusion chips, such as the E-350, but 2011 should also see the introduction of the company's next desktop processor series, codenamed Bulldozer. In fact, according to leaked slides, the company is reportedly confident that Bulldozer will be able to compete with Intel's latest Sandy Bridge CPUs.

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