Amazon Launches UK Grocery Site

Written by Paul Goodhead

July 8, 2010 | 10:55

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Techradar is reporting on one of the more unusual stories we've seen this year - that Amazon is reportedly moving into the online grocery retailing business.

The beta of the grocery site launched this week and offers over 22,000 products to customers.

Unlike most online supermarkets though, Amazon seems unwilling to offer two hour delivery slots, which could make getting your groceries a little tricky.

We can kind of see the logic in the move, Amazon has the online ordering infrastructure and know how to easily add a grocery wing, but we cant help feeling that it could be a step to far for the online giant. The grocery business is already so competitive and supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have mature online stores and a long history of grocery retailing.

Retailing food is also different to hardware and books, with things like sell by dates and chilled holding to contend with. We’re sure Amazon have thought long and hard about the move though, so we’re interested to see how successful this new venture is.

Would you order your groceries through Amazon or are you likely to stick to the more well known names in the grocery market. Let us know in the forums.
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