All Hail Bloogle

Written by Brett Thomas

September 15, 2005 | 17:26

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Companies: #google

At the start of the day on Wednesday, Google updated their search capabilities yet again. Now, along with news, general websites, pictures, and iTunes, you can also search for...Blogs. The world of sometimes ranting, sometimes insightful, and often opinionated logs of web users everywhere, nicknamed the "Blogosphere", is now indexed and able to be querried on the Big G.

Blogging has become a huge part of the advancement of technological information sharing, carrying an estimated 17.1 million sites as estimated by Technorati, the world's (possibly formerly) largest blog search engine. There are now blogs on everything from political views to world history to technology, along with everything in between. The blogosphere has become a great source of information and entertainment, even propelling the careers of amateur writers and journalists.

Technorati, in a wonderful example of nice-guy business policy, has taken Google's entry into their domain with incredible grace. Their CEO, David Sifry, even wrote a blog welcoming Google into the blogosphere:

"The blogosphere is abuzz with Google's launch of their Blog Search. So far things look pretty interesting, and having a big traditional search player like Google working on blog search is a validation moment for the entire blogosphere.

This will mark a major milestone for the World Live Web. At Technorati, we have a tremendous amount of respect for the Google team and for everything they've done in the world of search."

But the fans of Technorati need not fear, Mr. Sifry goes on to state. It appears he and his team have some tricks up their sleeve as well now that the competition has grown, and he welcomes the challenges.

So it seems that if you blog, you may now have an even bigger chance to be in the spotlight, having your views read by millions upon millions of internet users. Sound like a bright idea? Stop in and shed some light on your ideas of the future of blogging at our forums.
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