Acer W3-810 and P3-171 offer new spin on Windows 8 tablets

Written by Edward Chester

June 4, 2013 | 12:06

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Acer has unveiled the Acer W3-810 and Acer P3-171, two intriguing new Windows 8 tablets that offer a new spin on the convertible tablet/laptop formula.

The W3-810 is an 8in tablet that comes with an over-sized keyboard dock that is some several inches larger than the tablet itself. In fact the tablet can be stored in the back of the keyboard dock, clipping easiy into place.

The idea is that tha tablet can be mounted in a slot at the back of the dock for easy viewing ,while the Bluetooth keyboard then provides a comfortable typing experience. It's a quite bizarre concept, with the dock being large and chunky yet not providing any extra charge or connections. It does indeed, though, provide a good typing experience.

As for the P3-171, this is a larger 10in tablet that comes with a Microsoft Surface-like folding case with incorporated keyboard. Wrapping round the tablet, and being nice and slim, it's a much more obviously useful addition to the tablet, especially as it gives the whole device a classy folio/hardback book style.

Acer W3-810 and P3-171 offer new spin on Windows 8 tablets

Both tablets run a full version of Windows with the W3 using an Atom processor and the P3 running a Core i chip - we're yet to determine which model. Both tablets are quite nice to use, with speedy operation, good quality screens and a reasonable selection of connections.

While we're a little unsure if either model is really going to make much of an impact on the market, both are yet another sign that Windows RT will be dead before it's even got going.
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