YouTube serves 100m a day

Written by Brett Thomas

July 17, 2006 | 22:31

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YouTube has just recently crossed a huge threshhold on the net, reporting that it now has over 100 million videos watched on the site daily. This accounts for about 29% of the video traffic on the net, according to the market analysts at Hitwise. On top of that, the tiny tot of a site (it only has 30 employees) now gets an estimated 65,000 videos uploaded to it each day.

The site had over 2.5 billion videos viewed from it in the month of May alone, a number that dwarfs pretty much everything else out there. In second place for the most popular video site was MySpace with 19% of the media viewership. All four of the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL) together account for less than either of these video juggernauts.

We'll leave the quality of content out of the discussion for a bit to touch on the sheer staggering size of these figures. YouTube, which has yet to really ink any worthwhile advertising deals, is clearly well past making it to the bigtime. So the question becomes, what does this new figure mean to them? Or to us?

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