Win2K: This time, It's Viral War

Written by Jason Cundall

August 18, 2005 | 13:19

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A 'Viral War' has broken out between rival hacker cliques, and the battlefield consists of the world's Windows 2000 boxes. A newly discovered flaw in the operating system has sparked a fiercely contested fight between the malware authors, with viruses from the different combatants hunting down and destroying other variants released by the 'enemy':

A war has broken out between hackers behind viruses that exploit a recently discovered loophole in Windows 2000.

The viruses written by the competing hacker groups are fighting it out for supremacy on infected machines.

Some of the variants seek out and delete rival viruses they find on machines they manage to penetrate.

The slew of malicious programs exploiting the loophole caused trouble for many organisations early this week as the bugs began infecting computers.

More from the BBC here.

If you're running W2K, and haven't got the security patch yet, do so now. Viral war may sound cool and very William Gibson, but it still screws your system up.

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