Google's VLC-u-like viewer hacked by DVD Jon

Written by Jason Cundall

June 30, 2005 | 12:43

Tags: #dvd-jon #vlc

Companies: #google

Everyone's favourite Norwegian, DVD Jon, has done it again. No sooner had Searchzilla released a beta of it's restrictive VLC based Video Viewer than Jon had flexed his hacking muscles and released a patch to remove the restrictions placed on it:

Norwegian developer Jon Lech Johansen has issued a patch for Google's Video Viewer - and taken a sideswipe at the press for sensationalising the event.

On Monday Google released its Video Viewer, a browser plugin that's a modified version of the open source software VLC. The software only permitted videos hosted on the domain to be played. Johansen's small patch fixes this.

More from the Register here.

Discuss Jon's latest shenanigans, along with Google and the presses reaction to it in the forums here.
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