Universal sues MySpace

Written by Brett Thomas

November 20, 2006 | 16:18

Tags: #universal

Companies: #myspace #riaa

It was only a fortnight ago that we were discussing the deal between Microsoft and production house Universal Music over Zune hardware sales. Well, in typical RIAA form, Universal has put that money right back into the American economy - by filing suit against someone. This time, it's the ever-popular MySpace standing at the defense table.

The announcement came literally hours after MySpace made a press release regarding a new copyright protection campaign. The new update to the site would make its users more aware of copyright violation, and make it easier to remove offending material. The tools were designed partly for the copyright owners directly, so that they could easily report any infractions.

Of course, Universal is sueing MySpace for its past stance on copyright, which was that it is expressly forbidden to post copyrighted content, but up to the user to actually do. To pad damages further, the company says that MySpace not only condoned but facilitated piracy, because the site forced users to convert video and music into a standard format before uploading.

Universal Music expects that each violation should be worth around $150,000 USD.

So there you have it. Give an RIAA member a little money, and they'll go sue someone. At least it's not a dead guy's heirs this time. Got a thought on the suit? Tell us about it in our forums.
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