Touchscreen iPod coming?

Written by Brett Thomas

October 18, 2006 | 18:32

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Let's throw another coin in the "Rumours that just won't die" jar, shall we? The guys over at our sister site TrustedReviews have been wining and dining everyone's favorite employee - Mr. Anonymous Exec. And Mr. Exec has thrown us some more fuel to the rumour fire about a touch-screen iPod.

According to him (or her? maybe it?), the design schematics recreate the familiar iPod interface in transparent overlay on the screen, which takes up the entire face of the device (save for a small bezel). This way, no real-estate on the device is wasted on interface components when you want to watch a video, making for a much bigger screen. The rumoured screen will display up to 480p content, in an effort to bring a much better viewing experience to the video iPod.

Mr. Exec, of course, doesn't work for Mr. Jobs. He is apparently a suit at one of the multinational companies that designs parts for Apple's baby, and the device his company sells will fit in nicely with Apple's plans. The discussion is for the rumoured upcoming 6th generation iPod (currently we're at 5.5), which should be being released in December of this year. "This is why Jobs isn't afraid of the Zune," he said.

Personally, I'm going to file this one back in the rumour bin, despite knowing that TR did their homework on it. As far as I can tell, this would amount to just too much battery drain, way too much needed storage space, and more scratched screen lawsuits than you could shake a stick at. However, should I be wrong, it could be a very interesting holiday season indeed.

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